Facing the challenges of constant change in business and society, learning and exchange with and between experts and peers is one of the best ways to handle it. The vision of Coworking Academy is to create spaces for learning and networking, so that you can grow your skills to develop your business.

If you have ideas to fulfill our vision, please let us know. You are more then welcome to join us.

You can book each training and workshop directly on this website. Members of Coworking0711 get discounts.

Coworking Academy was started by the founder of Coworking0711. In our Coworking spaces, self-employed people, workers in the ‘free’ professions, creatives, knowledge workers and company founders work independently from one another, but still together. We can provide you with your desk to work including the infrastructure on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The concept goes beyond the rental of desks to work.

Coworking is about exchanging ideas between different people to share common ground, values and goods, fostering openness, collaboration, company founders and start-up culture. Coworking spaces are synonymous with new models and expectations of business and social communities. The influences extend far beyond the boundaries of the Coworking space, reaching the suburbs of the city, the widest range of social classes and target groups. Across the world, public institutions and companies alike view Coworking to be a source of inspiration for new models of work and collaboration.