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We offer courses and events in the areas of Business, Leadership, Marketing, Web, Mobile, ProgrammingDesign, DIY, Crafts, Innovation and Transformation.

At Coworking Academy you find a variety of possibilities such as well established Programmes and Workshops, Community Learning Activities, (Un)Conferences and more for Freelancers, Startups, Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs, Craft-people, Students, Employees and everybody else interested.

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Upcoming Learning Events

Select from the upcoming Activities, such as Seminars, Courses and Workshops.
Our programmes are offered in cooperation with expierenced trainers and coaches and will be held in English, German and occasionally other languages.


Herrenberg Digital XIII – Cybersecurity – ein falscher Klick

10.10.2023 8:30  -  10.10.2023 11:00

VHS Herrenberg
Tübinger Straße 40
71083 Herrenberg


Leute mit dünner Haut und schwachen Nerven sollten an dieser Veranstaltung nicht teilnehmen. Aber nicht daran teilzunehmen könnte ebenfalls gefährlich sein. Hacker erpressen nicht nur Unternehmen, vernichten digitale Daten, spionieren


+ 19% VAT (Mwst.)

Leadership On the Top for International Talents

15.11.2023 9:00  -  16.11.2023 18:00

Coworking0711 Stuttgart-West


In your company are you dealing with people from different cultures? This leadership training is tailor made for international talents. Book the training, receive the best leadership development opportunity!